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Discover specific ways to improve your climate and productivity through a culture audit

Find out about our one and two day trainings that focus on Energy, Engagement, & Facilitating Powerful Conversations

Coaching is a creative process to provide clarity, challenge and support 1:1, or in small groups

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What our Clients Say

Inspired Leadership has changed our organization’s leadership, culture, and me for the better. From the initial ELI assessments to the Inspired Leadership Workshop to the group and individual coaching sessions, our leadership has grown both professionally and personally.
— DAVID N. BRANCH, Superintendent
This INspired Leadership course was the
most powerful professional learning I have
had the opportunity to experience. I appreciated
how this training was not content or organizational
specific, but rather life changing in any setting.
Very powerful!
— ANGELA LAWRENCE, Superintendent
This will be 28 years in education for me and I honestly felt the INspired Leadership work was the best I have ever received at an inservice. Not only on a professional level, but a personal level. The information can be utilized on a daily basis.
— JON PADEN, Principal
I have been through a lot of leadership trainings, but nothing has helped me look inward and make positive changes to the way I respond to the world around me like this has. Through coaching and the ELI assessment, I found peace in just a few short eye-opening sessions.

Every emotion, experience, and encounter has purpose.